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An image of a project manager, who is calculating cost with table-top calculator.
Reduces cost of ownership
An image of clock, which counts every second.
Shortens deployment time
An image of web of cables at a telecommunication pole.
Faster & easier cable termination
An image of several ducts filled with a lot of fibers already.
Efficient utilization of ducts
An image of a cable-installer, who pulls a cable from a cable drum.
Reduces man-power
An image of light valve.
Game Changing Technology
An image of a dial, turning the CO2 volume less.
Helps CO2 reduction
An image of the Earth made of glass held on a palm.
Helps save Earth

We resolve your issues with SWR/WTC

Applicable Area
for New Cabling Technology “SWR/WTC”.

An aerial tower sending out signal.
Two computer severs exchange information and handle huge data.
Data center
An image of network, which delivers telecom services to several locations.
Private network
Fibers are installed along with power / water / gas lines and delivers information signals to subscribers.
Utility network
An image of house, which is fully connected to the world with optical fiber.
FTTX network
An image of a railway, which cables are installed along with.
An PC is connected to the world through optical fiber.
Dark Fiber Provider
Cable TV no longer uses copper metal line, but optical fibers now.

We help you reduce total cost of ownership in the above industries.

Typical Wrapping Tube Cable Structure

The Spider web ribbon is wrapped with a water-blocking-tape. The water blocking tape can easily be taken away, and operator can get access to fibers easily.

Wrapping tube is a simple technology of wrapping water blocking tape around a group of SWR bundles

Technology Underlying 5 Features

Spider Web Ribbon (SWR), the core technology of WTC

An image of spider web ribbon, which consists of 12 single fibers, and the fibers are intermittently bonded to form ribbon structure.
An image showing that Spider web ribbon can easily be stretched wider with both hands.
An image of a bundled spider web ribbon. The Spider web ribbon can easily be folded and bundled with bunching threads.

SWR is an intermittently bonded ribbon and realizes,

  • Mass fusion splice
  • High packaging density

5 Features of SWR/WTC

1. Compact Packaging & Effective Duct Utilization

An image of one conventional loose-tube cable installed in a duct. No more space for the second cable.
Loose Tube Cable

Up to

Duct utilization

An image of as much as three SWR/WTC  installed in the same duct.

An image of one conventional loose-tube cable and one additional SWR/WTC installed in the same duct.
Loose tube cable

(e.g. for 288F case)

2. Quick Fiber Preparation Time

  • Spider-Web-Ribbon 12 fibers mass fusion splicing
  • Jelly-free / Loose-tube-free cleaner and quicker handling
An image of a 288 fiber count  conventional loose-tube cable.
An image that it takes 10 hours to splice all fibers.
Loose Tube Cable
12F single fibers



An image of a 288 fiber count SWR/WTC.
An image that it takes only 1.2 hours to splice all fibers.
12 Fiber SWR
(e.g. for 288F case)

3. Light Weight

An image of a 288 fiber count conventional loose-tube cable.
Loose Tube Cable
An image that two operators are pushing the drum for 288 fiber count loose tube cable.



Less man-power

An image of a 288 fiber count SWR/WTC.
An image that only an operator is pushing the drum for 288 fiber count SWR/WTC.
(e.g. for 288F case)

4. Hassle-Free Fiber Termination

An image of A bottle of acetone and wiping paper.
An image of a 288 fiber count conventional loose-tube cable, which is filled with jelly.
Loose Tube Cable


paper & tools

An image that SWR-WTC is jelly-free.
An image of a 288 fiber count SWR/WTC, which no jelly is used.

5. Eco Friendly

  • Compact / high-density design saves environment.
Loose Tube Cable 1728F
An image of a 1728 fiber count conventional ribbon loose tube cable.

78% Energy saving
for improved production

23% Wood reduction

with smaller drum

47% CO2 reduction

with better transportation efficiency

An image of a 1728 fiber count SWR/WTC

SWR/WTC Product Portfolio

- Up to 6912F
Indoor, Indoor/Outdoor
- LSZH available
- UL1666/1685 certified
- CPRcertified

Air-Blown microduct
- Up to 864F

Award Winning Technology

AFL’s Wrapping Tube Cable with SWR® Honored with CI&M

An image of 2017 Innovative awards from Cabling magazine.
Silver Innovators Award 10/23/2017
Spartanburg, SC – AFL’s Wrapping Tube Cable with SpiderWeb Ribbon® (SWR) was recognized with a Silver Level Award during the annual Cabling Installation & Maintenance (CI&M) Innovators Awards program, which recognizes innovative products and systems as well as their uses and applications.

AFL Wrapping Tube Cable Recognized With 4.0 Score in 2017

An image of 2017 Innovation review score of 4.0 from LIGHTWAVE magazine.
Lightwave Innovation Reviews Program 3/9/2017
Spartanburg, SC – AFL, a leading global fiber optics manufacturer and service provider, was recognized by the 2017 Lightwave Innovation Reviews with a score of 4 out of 5 possible points, for its Wrapping Tube Cable (WTC) with SpiderWeb® Ribbon (SWR) technology.

SWR/WTC Manufacturing
and Sales Locations

An image of an world atlas. Geographic locations of our manufacturing and sales centers are shown in the image.. Fujikura Ltd head-quarters and two major factories are located in Japan. A cable factory and a sales center for North American market “America Fujikura Ltd (AFL)” is located in the US. A cable factory and a sales center for UK/Europe market  “AFL Europe and Fujikura Europe Ltd. are located in the UK. We also have other sales centers, such as Fujikura Asia in Singapore, Fujikura Middle-East office in UAE, and AFL Australia for APAC regions.
Fujikura Ltd. at glance


February 1885


53,717 (Consolidated / as of Mar. 2021)

Net sales

643.7 billion yen (Consolidated / FY2021)

White Papers
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2022/10/28 : Development of a New Spider Web RibbonTM (SWRTM) Optical Fiber Plant in Sakura Works. Delivering a 30% increase in SWRTM Production Capacity.

2022/8/29 : A new Whitepaper "Key Techn#WhitePapersology of Spider Web Ribbon (SWR) and SZ Bunching Unit" is added to the Dedicated Website for World Leading Technology, SWR and WTC.

2022/6/21 : Fujikura launches Dedicated Website for World Leading Technology, SWR and WTC

2021/11/15 : Fujikura Group opens new Fber Optic Cable manufacturing factory in Swindon, United Kingdom.

2021/5/12 : Fujikura begins Sales of 3000-F Optical Cable with 200um Fiber Spider Web Ribbon - Adopted first by major telecommunications company Colt Technology Services Co., Ltd.for domestic mainline optical cable.


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